Object no .: SCP-053-DE

Classification: Keter

SCP-053-DE prior to its conversion to an anomalous object.

Safety measures:SCP-053-DE's position and course must be monitored by satellite at all times. A widespread and comprehensive driving ban must be imposed on waters in which SCP-053-DE is present, even on Foundation vessels. Sea vessels on the SCP-053-DE course must immediately be given the order via radio and under the guise of an institution capable of doing so, to go as far as possible into the nearest waters with a depth of no more than 20 m or 15 km to the nearest coast approach. Survivors of an attack by SCP-053-DE must be picked up by a non-combatant ship not directly under the Foundation and treated with Class A amnesics. In the event of a renewal event, all witnesses are to be given a class A amnesic and false information is to be given for damage that has occurred. Effective containment of SCP-053-DE is currently still being planned.

Description: SCP-053-DE is a true-to-original replica of the Tirpitz , a Bismarck-class battleship that was destroyed in 1944. SCP-053-DE can fall back on the full power and armament that the Tirpitz had when it was launched and has the same armor. SCP-053-DE appears to be able to perform all of its functions without a human operator. (See Document 053-4R, Level 3 Security Clearance Required.) It is also confirmed that SCP-053-DE is intelligent, sentient, and unmanned. (See Incident 053-A01.)

Since the start of the observation, SCP-053-DE has alternated between the North Sea, the European Arctic Sea and the North Atlantic, but always kept a minimum distance of 25 km from any land mass and circumnavigated all waters that are less than 20 m deep. Since it did not even call into a port to procure new fuel and ammunition, it is assumed that the ship has an inexhaustible supply of these goods.

Instead of exhaust gas, SCP-053-DE continuously emits a pure white mist that completely envelops the ship. This nebula forms the rough shape of a cylinder with an average radius of 20 km and a height of around 3 km. The water under the fog is milky and cloudy to a depth of 800 m. The fog and water completely hide SCP-053-DE, block any radio signals and cannot be penetrated by any known analysis, detection or location method. The analysis of the mist and the water remained inconclusive due to these properties. SCP-053-DE itself is apparently in no way hindered by its fog and even seems to be able to receive radio signals.

If there is a military marine vehicle within a radius of 110 km that is not part of the German Navy or any other institution based in Germany (hereinafter referred to as "target"), SCP-053-DE will immediately set course for it. As soon as the target has been reached, swallowed by the fog and thus effectively cut off from the outside world, SCP-053-DE opens fire without making visual contact and sinks the target. In this context, SCP-053-DE not only attacks ships and boats, but also submarines. It does not matter whether you are diving, because the water influenced by SCP-053-DE increases the buoyancy of every underwater vehicle that SCP-053-DE has targeted to such an extent that an ascent is forced. If a submarine is deeper than 800 meters below the surface of the water, it will be tracked by SCP-053-DE until it has to surface or for whatever reason becomes inoperable. It was also found that SCP-053-DE recognizes whether a vessel belongs to a German institution or whether it only pretends to be a member. Once a target has been sunk, SCP-053-DE ignores its remainsand surviving crew (See Addendum 053-DE-2). So far it is unclear how SCP-053-DE can reload ammunition without human assistance.

Since the beginning of the observation, SCP-053-DE has destroyed 3 aircraft carriers, 2 frigates, 4 cruisers, 6 destroyers, 8 corvettes, 10 submarines, 2 minesweepers and 7 auxiliary ships, but so far has ignored every civilian sea vehicle and, if possible, even bypassed it widely.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-053-DE through the evaluation of satellite images. It was initially classified as an anomalous weather phenomenon due to the ship being completely veiled and the fog from SCP-053-DE received the SCP designation. The true nature of the SCP did not come to light until 19██ in Sunderland, UK several lifeboats with survivors of an SCP-053 attack appeared. However, the testimony of these witnesses was insufficient due to the restricted visibility caused by the fog. All the Foundation forces could learn at the time was that SCP-053-DE was "a huge ship". The eyewitnesses were given a class A amnesic after questioning. The Foundation only received specific information about SCP-053-DE in 20██ from document 053-4R,

Access granted.
Acolyte Strom's Private Notes on Big Wave Project


Rass has asked me to find ships to secure the sea routes when he starts his takeover. How does he imagine that? Sure, my soul manipulation of inanimate objects was enough to bring some of his devices back into shape, but they were no more than the size of a refrigerator. I can't just pull battleships out of my hat. Would be more of a job for Faust or Blitz. Rass had suggested I take wrecks, but find a wreck, a German one at that, in which there is still enough hatred or zest for action to return to service.


Have made a list of eligible wrecks. Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Scheer (if we can dig them up), Scharnhorst, Wilhelm Heidkamp, ​​Blücher and a few submarines. Hopelessly out of date by today's standards but the souls of things have power beyond human understanding. With a bit of luck, it will turn into weapons that even the United States Navy will tremble at.
And if that's not enough, we still have fist and lightning.


Rass ran all of my suggestions through his demon calculator. Not a good result. The Bismarck and several submarines are too deep, a small part of the ships and submarines cannot be recovered without us [REDACTED] interfering, many ships are simply unsuitable for my plans and my personal favorite: the wreck of the Prinz Eugen is a fake1. However you fake a wreck. Will have to look for other wrecks.


I received the suggestion to use foreign ships. I have to check that first.


Stupid idea, very stupid idea. I have traveled the world and tried as an experiment to convince some ships to fight for our cause. Subjects were the USS Texas, USS Iowa, Aurora, Mikasa and HMS Victory. Each of these ships would turn against us if they saw who we were sending them against. Mikasa in particular did not listen to me at all, just said that it would "honorably sink itself" if it was sent into battle from a country other than Japan. Foreign ships are thus eliminated. The selection is getting tight …


Today I had an inspiration. It came to me when I opened a box with my damask pocket knife. It was a present from my uncle. The idea is very simple in principle. Even if an object is broken down into its individual parts and these are processed into something new, a part of its soul remains in it. My pocket knife is made from the Tirpitz's hull armor. If I could get his soul to remember its old form, then I could get around this annoying wreck problem. What is left of the Tirpitz cannot easily be lifted. Now keep your fingers crossed.


It worked! The Tirpitz's soul was almost extinguished, but I was able to rekindle it. Her desire for a second chance was really overwhelming. I lost my damask knife, but it unfolded into a battleship before my eyes. But I will have to strengthen the soul of this ship even more, even if the Bismarck class is the best that German shipbuilding has launched so far. However, I am confident.


The soul grows. It's amazing how much hate and bloodthirst is still in this ship. Today she moved her oar independently for the first time. Rass was also pleased with my progress. Keep up my efforts.


Something incredible happened today. Tirpitz has created an avatar. The only downer, however, is that the avatar has the shape of an older man. Ships are addressed as "she", you expect a beautiful woman, especially on a ship like this one.


Since the creation of the Avatar, the Tirpitz has gained complete control over itself. A test with the lightweight FLAK showed that we don't even need someone to reload. The ship is now completely independent.


I installed a small fuse to prevent a possible fiasco. The Tirpitz has a great love for the Third Reich, so I was able to bend it so that she leaves his legal successor Germany and his legal successor the Fourth Reich alone. Fortunately, she hates desserts, so she can still attack groups of people she sees as enemies, even if they come from Germany. But I made the Fourth Reich inviolable for them. The ship was suspicious of this security but put up with it when I explained that it was a standard procedure. If the experiment succeeds and I bring back other ships, I'll actually make one out of it.


The Tirpitz seems to be fully on our side. She can't wait to go to war again. By the way, I found out where the shape of the avatar comes from. Apparently he is the likeness of a mechanic who has treated the ship very lovingly during his time on board. It is interesting that the Tirpitz remembers individual team members.


Today we officially put our symbol under the names of the ships. The Tirpitz said that she felt honored. The signs are good.


Fortifying the soul has borne unexpected fruits. The ship's engines suddenly started and are now idling. As a result, the Tirpitz creates a thick fog that makes tracking and communication impossible, even via cables. The good news is that we no longer need to turn on fist and flash. The bad news, however, is that I can no longer reach anyone on the phone from the dock and keep walking against it everywhere. Let's see if I can increase the fog production.


Rass has announced that it will inform the Tirpitz about its exact tasks tomorrow. Personally, I am not completely satisfied with my results, but there will be a few more years before the ship is deployed.


Mr. Rass caused a terrible accident. In his defense, however, I have to say that I did not expect that Tirpitz would freak out like that when the phrase "remain on standby". The ship just wanted to get out. She blew up the docks and is up and away. We have to come up with a strategy.


I now know the mainspring of this ship. It is undisguised belligerence. The Tirpitz has already attacked and sunk two military ships and a submarine. We have to stop her before she gets the idea to attack a port.


The fog has an unexpected side effect. The demons of Mr. Rass cannot find their way around in it, let alone identify the Tirpitz. Many of the skillful demons do not even return from the mist. Presumably the Tirpitz can attack them because technically they are only allies of the Fourth Reich and not directly members. I am probably the only one who can find your position by the sound of your soul and can also reach it unscathed. So I will ask Rass to go himself.


The Tirpitz has set a direct course for the Portsmouth naval base. It does not respond to any of our radio messages. I have to hurry or our entire operation is in danger of being exposed.


I did it. I still don't know exactly how, but I did it. I intercepted the Tirpitz with a boat and manipulated her soul. Without the right equipment it was of course only amateurish, but the results speak for themselves. I was able to address a certain resentment of the ship, namely that of the fjords of Norway, where she had to stay for a long time without ever having contact with the enemy. She wanted to fight back then, but couldn't. The intensification of this hatred had a strange effect on the ship. It is now repelled by land and attracted by sea water, similar to a magnet but without sinking. When the Tirpitz discovered this, luckily she had already been pushed through the British Isles into the North Sea without taking me away. In the absence of suitable weapons, it was no longer possible for us to destroy the battleship. Even if we had a ship or a bomber, if only with a lot of luck we would have hit the ship through the fog. Rass was happy with the results. The Tirpitz will remain hidden by its fog and is also trapped in the open sea. Nobody will ever see them long or well enough to report on it.
And even if they did, who would believe that?

Addendum 053-DE-1: On ██.██.20██ an attempt was made to neutralize the SCP due to the high number of its fatalities and the immense damage to property. Bombers, cannon fire and guided missiles were inadequate due to SCP-053-DE's fog, so Neutralization Plan 053-52EX was developed and necessarily carried out under the command of the British Foundation. It provided the foundation's own corvette Herald and an MTF specially assembled for this mission. The German Foundation contributed to the neutralization attempt, specially developed sticky mines.

Access granted.
07:05:32 : The MTF leaves the port of Torpoint on board the Herald .

10:13:01 : Skipper reports sighting of SCP-053-DE smoke screen . Satellite images confirm that SCP-053-DE is heading for the Herald .

11:37:54 : Ship penetrates the smoke screen . As discussed in the mission planning, the skipper begins to wiggle in order to offer SCP-053-DE a worse target.

11:39:18 : SCP-053-DE opens artillery fire on the Herald even though there is no visual contact. The crack of the fired guns is used for orientation.

11:45:09 : SCP-053-DE comes into view. It is observed how it steers to starboard in order to be able to fire with more turrets.

11:46:02 : As planned, the crew pretends to panic and manned the lifeboats. A shot from SCP-053-DE strikes right next to the corvette and damages its outer hull. This will affect the controls.

11:49:41 : The third and last lifeboat is lowered. SCP-053-DE hits the engine room with one shot while it is being deflated. The Herald catches fire and capsizes from the force of the impact. The ropes of the lifeboat break and it falls from about 0.5 m onto the surface of the water. It does not suffer any damage, but three occupants are moderately burned.

11:50:00 : All lifeboats are heading towards SCP-053-DE. In the meantime, this stops its fire and begins to turn. Meanwhile, the burn victims are provisionally cared for.

11:59:32 : All lifeboats reach the hull of SCP-053-DE. The sticky leads are attached to it. After that, all units withdraw.

12:14:45 : The mines explode. Severe damage to SCP-053-DE confirmed. The ship begins to sink.

12:21:11 : SCP-053-DE's fog begins to clear. A radio message can be sent successfully.

12:39:58 : Person seen floating on the water. Appearance suggests an abnormal nature.

12:48:07 : Person can be lifted and tied up on board a lifeboat without resistance.

14:33:02 : Recovery helicopters arrive at the MTF. All units and the abnormal person are taken on board.

No further occurrences. Neutralization successful. End of the report.

Final note: The three burn victims were given medical treatment for four weeks and have fully recovered.

The person found during the neutralization attempt was classified as SCP-053-DE-A and transported to location DE17. SCP-053-DE-A has the appearance of an estimated fifty year old man of Caucasian origin and wears the uniform of a captain of the German Navy. He is clean-shaven and has gray-white hair. Its pale gray skin tone is striking. SCP-053-DE-A speaks with a slight Lower Saxon accent and did not consume any food or water while in captivity.

Incident 053-A01: An interrogation of SCP-053-DE-A was carried out on ██ 20 at 07:30. The interview leader was Dr. Yoke.

Access granted.
SCP-053-A is brought into the interrogation room by two guards and sits on the designated chair. Dr. Yoke also enters and takes a seat opposite SCP-053-DE-A.

Dr. Yoke: Good morning, SCP-053-DE-A, how are we feeling today?

SCP-053-DE-A: You sank me just two days ago. How do you think I feel? Besides, what is SCP-053-DE-A? My prisoner number?

Dr. Yoke: Something like that. Well, SCP-053-DE-A, I have a couple of questions for you. First, we have a document on them that says they were created by a certain acolyte Strom. Can you tell me anything about him?

SCP-053-DE-A: (irritated) Electricity … The bastard didn't create me, just prepared me. And then, when I didn't obey his word, he banished me to the sea! If I got that bastard in the-.

Dr. Yoke: SCP-053-DE-A, please answer my question.

SCP-053-DE-A: Are you an enemy of electricity and this race?

Dr. Joch: I have to say yes. So, do you answer my question now? The enemy of an enemy can be a friend.

SCP-053-DE-A: The enemy of one enemy is just another enemy. You sunk me, remember? Besides, what should I tell you big? I last saw electricity ██ years ago. Was rather small, wore wire-rimmed glasses, brown hair, gray eyes, slender. I have no idea what he looks like now or whether he is even still alive. The same applies to race. Has always stayed in the shade. I only know that he is male and that only from his name.

Dr. Yoke: ( sighs ) All right, next question. You are talking about this copy of Tirpitz in the first person, why?

SCP-053-DE-A gasps in indignation.

SCP-053-DE-A: K-Copy? If you still have notes, I'm not a copy, I'm the Tirpitz !

Dr. Yoke I'm sorry, but this statement sounds rather implausible. The Tirpitz was destroyed in 1944. The remains of her wreck are somewhere near Tromsøya.

SCP-053-DE-A: These remains are me too. I've been divided. In an incredible number of individual parts and yet I am still whole.

Dr. Yoch raises his left eyebrow.

Dr. Yoke: Mmm. Anyway, further on in the text. Why did their crew attack so many ships and submarines? Germany is not at war with any of the countries whose ships they attacked. She has no reason for it.

SCP-053-DE-A: Doctor, have you fished anyone out of the sea besides this avatar?

Dr. Yoke: No.

SCP-053-DE-A: Exactly, I don't need a crew, electricity was the last one ever on board. I don't need a team to do my job.

Dr. Joch: Well, let's assume I believe you are Tirpitz . Why do you see it as your task to sink non-German military ships and the like?

SCP-053-DE-A: Quite simply, I was built for this and had little opportunity to do so during my entire service with the Navy. Imagine if in the three years after my launch I hadn't even had enemy contact with ships. All the time just some submarines or planes. I'm the second Bismarck class ship, dammit. I thought I could go out to sea, fight warships with my guns and then die an honorable death somewhere deep in the sea. But no, I have to pretend I'm on guard at some damned fjords to scare the British and then I don't even sink into the sea, I just capsize. I KENTERE, just lying on my side. Do you know how embarrassing that was for me?

Dr. Yoke: I've never capsized, so no.

SCP-053-DE-A: That was a rhetorical question.

Dr. Yoke: ( Sighs ) SCP-053-DE-A, as I said earlier, we are not at war with any of the parties that attacked you. During your entire time at sea, did you never notice that the world war was long over?

SCP-053-DE-A: Of course I noticed, after all, I can receive radio from other ships. But as long as there are two different states in the world there will always be enemies. They may agree right now, but as soon as their opinions diverge too far, there will be another war. I'm just doing preliminary work.

Dr. Joch: That's too easy. They only attack military vehicles, not civilian ships. They could do a lot more damage that way.

SCP-053-DE-A: That may be, but consider the following. If I attack civilian ships, I could injure residents of this country, should there be any on board. As long as I can't rule that out, I won't attack. I still have that much honor as a warship.

Dr. Joch: What is called honor … But let's leave that. How did you manage to determine which command each ship you encounter is under? We have made very extensive attempts at deception.

SCP-053-DE-A: Oh, was that you? Sloppy work. As long as they don't camouflage the soul of a ship, they can't fool me.

Dr. Yoke: the soul of a ship?

SCP-053-DE-A: Yes, every ship has a soul. Even that corvette they sent against me. Incidentally, this experience was very instructive.

Dr. Yoke: Why?

SCP-053-DE-A: I learned the following from this: No survivors in an attack. I also learned: Your foundation is my enemy, no matter what country it is based in.

Dr. Yoke shrugs his shoulders.

Dr. Joch: Then it's good that you can no longer apply this knowledge.

SCP-053-DE-A starts laughing and snorting.

Dr. Yoke: what is it? What's so weird?

SCP-053-DE-A: (still laughing) Doctor, didn't I tell you earlier? I am in pieces and yet whole. And now you will see what I mean by that.

At this point, SCP-053-DE-A disappears from the interrogation room. On the surveillance recordings, SCP-053-DE-A disappears into thin air between two frames.

Dr. Yoke: What the hell?

End of log.

At the same time as the end of the interview, the first and so far only documented renewal event of SCP-053-DE took place. In Oslo, Norway the asphalt of the ████████ gate broke open. According to eyewitnesses, a rapidly growing object emerged from the asphalt and was immediately thrown southwards without any external interference. During its flight, the object was shrouded in a white mist. Satellite images show how this object lands in the Skagerrak a little later and begins to produce large amounts of fog. The failure to neutralize SCP-053-DE has been confirmed. A class A amnesic was administered to 700 eyewitnesses after a questioning, and media coverage was suppressed. The damage caused to the ████████ gate was blamed on a faulty gas pipe. Further cover-up measures were deemed unnecessary, as SCP-053-DE was simply mistaken for a fast cloud by most people due to its fog. During the investigation of the damage it was found that one of the cover plates of the sewer system running under the ████████ gate was missing. Further research revealed that said plate was originally a Tirpitz armor plate. How SCP-053-DE survived its impact on the water surface without breaking apart is currently unknown. that said plate was originally a Tirpitz armor plate. How SCP-053-DE survived its impact on the water surface without breaking apart is currently unknown. that said plate was originally a Tirpitz armor plate. How SCP-053-DE survived its impact on the water surface without breaking apart is currently unknown.

" Due to the events that occurred on ██..20██ I came to the conclusion that a neutralization of SCP-053-DE is impossible as long as there are still pieces of Tirpitz somewhere on land. A collection of all those pieces are even impossible for the Foundation, just think of all the Damascus knives sold and given away, they are all impossible to track. Therefore, instead of a neutralization method, we should consider an effective containment rather than one from SCP-053-DE can escape by simply blowing itself up in an emergency and then reappearing elsewhere due to a renewal event. "- Dr. yoke

Addendum 053-DE-2: SCP-053-DE no longer leaves any survivors in its attacks. The wounds of some of the recovered corpses suggest that SCP-053-DE is using any of its guns to destroy the castaways. In addition, SCP-053-DE is now attacking all Foundation ships, even non-combatants and those under the command of the German Foundation. These innovations must be taken into account in the capture and containment.

1 . The Prinz Eugen is currently part of SCP-1264 . To cover up the lack of their wreckage, the US government built a dummy and sunk it in its original mooring. POI Mr. Rass presumably obtained this information using SCP-084-DE or an equivalent.