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A fragment of expunged video data.

Agent ██ ██: Hey! New guy!

Agent Luthor Chameleon: Huh? I-I don't know a-anything about the GOC!

Agent ██ ██: What? I was going to get you a position at research because you're doing a good job.

Agent Luthor Chameleon: Uh… Oh, yeah, sure.

Director ███ █: Hey, new guy!

Researcher Luthor Chameleon: [Waking up] This-this is agent Chameleon of the PHYSICS dep… Huh? No, it's not what-

Director ███ █: You still in your dreams, rookie? You're getting a promotion, boy.

Researcher Luthor Chameleon: …Wait, already?

Researcher ██ █: Wow, you're a Class-B already?

Agent Luthor Chameleon: Um… Yeah.

Researcher ██ █: Man, I envy you. Don't forget me! We first started our jobs on the same day, remember?

Researcher Luthor Chameleon: Uh, sure…

[Researcher ██ █ leaves]

Researcher Luthor Chameleon: Shit… I want to go home… When's my evac…

[Video data unretrievable. Sobbing continues for █ minutes, then a voice.]

Unidentifiable: Fuck it, I'm telling everything.

Dr. Charles Anne-Borough: About your GOC case…

Researcher Luthor Chameleon: [With a wide grin] Yes, sir? Oh… About that, I'll be honest; I'm actually a-

Dr. Chales Anne-Borough: Your research worked on the GOC, and we've won. So, you're promoted.

Researcher Luthor Chameleon: ….What?

O5-8: Thanks to your exploits against the GOC and [DATA UNRETRIEVABLE], you are now appointed the Director of Site-2257.

Researcher Luthor Chameleon: [Faints]

O5-8: Woah, this pal must have been too happy.

O5-1: "The Silent".

**Male, European, French descent. Appears to be about 45 years old. Only a fragment of information that he used to be a Foundation researcher remains. All other information is expunged.

He frequently shows up on official situations, but rarely talks. He always expresses signs of discomfort or fear. Reports show that this is an expression of the boredom to our reality. If this is the case, those expressions are the clearest expression of emotion that he has ever made.

No one knows if he is an anomalous entity, a regular person, or an enhanced human. He is the most secluded out of all the O5 council members.


O5-3: Well, O-O5-1, but this is…

O5-1: What was that?

O5-3: Eek! N-n-n-nothing, sir. I must have made a mistake…

[Some time after the Council meeting is over]

O5-1: …Fuck… I'm chagning my underwear…


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