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アイテ厶番号: SCP-K2-JP-J
Item #: SCP-K2-JP-J

オブジェクトクラス: Keter Apollyon Uncontained
Object Class: Keter Apollyon Uncontained

特別収容プロトコル: 頑張って我慢する、あと下痢止め飲む 無意味。もう我慢できない! やめろ! 収まれ! ああ出るな出るな出るな! 今は会議中だぞ! やめろ! やめて! お願いだ! ああ! 漏れる漏れる漏れる漏れる漏れr
Special Containment Procedures: Affected individuals are to hold in the subject as hard as one can, and then take antidiarrheals USELESS I can't hold it in anymore! AAAH DON'T COME OUT STOP! STOP! I'M IN A MIDDLE OF A MEETING! STOP! STOP! OH, LORD! AAH IT'S LEAKING LEAKING LEAKING LEAKING LEA-


To specify, the containment breach occurred in Site-81K2KETSU and is currently uncontained. It stinks.

もう二度とこのような失態を起こさないようにせねばならない。スッゲエ恥ずかしかったし後処理メッチャ面倒かった。 — O5-█
We mustn't let this happen again. It was hella embarrassing, and it was wicked hard to clean it up. — O5-█

そして再び漏らすのだろう? 君がK-クラスシナリオ1を起こしたのはもう今月で2回目だぞ、カン”ベン”してくれ。 — O5-██
And crap your pants again? This is the second time you've caused a K-Class Scenario2 this month. You got to be "shitting" me. — O5-██


The fluxman's portal does not exist.

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  1. portal:fluxman ( 01 Oct 2020 03:26 )
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