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/* These two arguments are in a quirked-up CSS Module (rather than the main code block) so users can feed Wikidot variables into them. */
#header h1 a::before {
    content: "GRU P";
    color: black;
#header h2 span::before {
    content: "조국의 위대함이 너의 영광이다";
    color: black;

div#header {
background: url(http://scpko.wdfiles.com/local--files/theme%3Athe-coalition-theme/GOClogo.png) 90px 90px no-repeat;
background-position: 0.8em 1.4em;
background-size: 110px;
div#header h1 a:before {
content: "세계 오컬트 연합";
div#header h2:after {
content: "고등사령부 차장실에서 알림";



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